Comprehensive Model (CM4) Interface (grid/map)

Get DST from file:
If not, provide DST value (nT):
yes: no:
Get F10.7 from file:
If not, provide F10.7 value (10-22W/m2/Hz):
yes: no:
Compute MUT from UT:
If not, enter MUT value (hours)
yes: no:
Geocentric or Geodetic:
If using core/lithospheric sources, enter Min-Max spherical harmonic degree (1 to 65): -
If Magnetospheric or Ionospheric sources, primary or induced field: Primary
If insitu current sources, from Magsat instead of Oersted:
If from Magsat, from dawn LT instead of dusk LT:
yes: no:
yes: no:
The Comprehensive model is not a predictive model and should not be relied upon to give accurate results outside of the envelope of data used in the model. The current envelope of data extends from 1960 to February, 2011 (except for core sources, which extend only to July 2002). If you do not specify DST and F10.7 values, the latest date that you may specify is approximately 2011.1.
Universal time (1960 to 2011.1 years):
Altitude (km):
Grid Increment (0.1 to 180)
Latitude Min-Max (-90 to 90):
Longitude Min-Max (-180 to 360):
Output images for: Br
F (sqrt(Br2+Bθ2+Bφ2))
T (Total field, i.e. crustal field in direction of main field)
Plot coastlines?
Output ASCII lon,lat,alt,Br,Bθ,Bφ data?
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