Magnetic fields in near-Earth space

Comprehensive model 4 (CM4)

The Earth's magnetic field is composed of contributions from many sources. An interactive web page provides the user with an evaluation of many of these magnetic fields. The user can explore that part of the quiet-time earth system that extends from the surface to about 2000 km altitude. Published papers and source code are also available here. We invite your comments and suggestions on this effort. Correspondence should be directed to Terence Sabaka at The most recent publication associated with this effort is: Extending Comprehensive Models of the Earth's magnetic field with Oersted and CHAMP data, (Note: This file is 10 Mb in size). Authors: T. Sabaka, N. Olsen, and M. Purucker, Geophysical Journal International, 159, 521-547, Nov 2004, doi: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2004.02421.x.


CHAOS-4 is a high-resolution geomagnetic field model derived from low-altitude CHAMP data. See the CHAOS-4 website for details.


MoSST is a predictive core field model for the Earth. See the MoSST website for details.